Thank you for visiting FREE FROM CLUTTER, two sister companies both focused on providing clients with an opportunity to free themselves of what they no longer want, need, use and love so that they can be free to move forward with what is next for them in life. We are delighted to have you!

LIGHTEN UP! Free Yourself From Clutter offers private clutter cleaning and organizing consultations as well as seminars and workshops. Order a copy of LIGHTEN UP! Free Yourself From Clutter (HarperPerennial), an organizing classic, to kick start your decluttering program!  Just click on the book cover on this page. And, call or write for an appointment. We will help you set life and clutter goals, assist in creating an plan of action for your clutter-cleaning project, and give you practical skills to journey through your desktop, closets, attic, garage on a path to clutter freedom.

FREE FROM CLUTTER ESTATE SALES is a solutions-oriented service which responds to your specific needs when it comes to divesting of the entire contents of a home for whatever reason.  We will take the burden of this sometimes daunting task off of your shoulders by providing a start to finish service which can include decluttering, organizing, marketing and running a successful sale. If a sale is not permissable in a community, we offer alternatives. Also, we can sell the home as well as the contents, if that meets your needs.

Please visit often because we will be changing, building, and offering you all kinds of support as you clear the space to have more, not less, of what you want in life. And, keep in mind that new estate sales are added all the time.

Have a look around and then call or write to let us know how we can be of service to you.