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Remote Clutter-Cleaning Sessions Now Available A pandemic-friendly way to let go of too much stuff

Estate Sales Done Right!

FREE FROM CLUTTER ESTATE SALES is a solutions-oriented service which responds to your specific needs when it comes to divesting of the entire contents of a home for whatever reason. We will take the burden of this sometimes daunting task off of your shoulders by providing a start to finish service which can include decluttering, organizing, marketing and running a successful sale. If a sale is not permissable in a community, we offer alternatives.

Estate Sales

Our pro-active, no-fuss approach to reach serious buyers and maximize sales is exactly what you need when you want to divest of the content of a home.

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Clutter Cleaning

We can help you simply get more space in your life, pack for a move, or prepare for an estate and house sale. Michelle is the author of “Lighten Up! Free Yourself From Clutter” (HarperPerennial). We are your magic wand!

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Home Sales

We have been extremely successful in streamlining the marketing for your estate sale with the sale of the house itself. Andre is a licensed realtor, whose strategies zero in on local resources and cast a wide net for national and international buyers.

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