About Us

LIGHTEN UP! Free Yourself From Clutter was founded by Michelle Passoff, author of a book by the same name (HarperPerennial), in 1991 in New York City. In 2002, Andre Kupfermunz joined the company and in 2005 it was relocated to Tampa, Florida.   Our clutter cleaning service works with individuals in their homes and offices to free them from ‘too much suff’ — papers, clothes and other paraphernalia — as a pathway to creating productivity, creativity, spontaneity, viality and peace. Seminars and workshops are available nationally and internationally.

FREE FROM CLUTTER ESTATE SALES was added as a sister company in response to the frequently asked question: What do I do with my stuff when a family member or loved one passes away?  In fact, we discovered that estate sales are not only conducted when someone passes away.  They are conducted anytime someone wants to divest of the entire contents of a home for any reason — relocating, downsizing and redecorating,

To contact us about private clutter cleaning consultations, seminars or workshops, or having us conduct an estate sale on your behalf, please call or email us.