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Remote Clutter-Cleaning Sessions Now Available A pandemic-friendly way to let go of too much stuff

Clutter Cleaning Services

Clutter Cleaning Consulting Services

While being neat and tidy is a benefit of cleaning clutter, our distinctive approach focuses on what you really want in life and clearing a path to achieving it. We work hand-in-hand with you to let go of conventional forms of clutter including too many papers, clothes, or other ‘stuff’, but we do so with the future you are building in mind. You will keep what fosters your dreams and desires and let go of what impedes it, thereby rebuilding a structure of support for accomplishment. You will learn the nine principles of cleaning all kinds of clutter and practice with us how to implement them in the face of any mess! In the end, you will have more not less of what you really want in your space and in your life. This is a transformational process.

Getting Started

It’s easy. Just call to make an appointment for your first clutter-cleaning session. Each session is four hours with the assistance, coaching, and training of Michelle and Andre. Depending on the level of your commitment, volume of clutter and budget, you can continue to book sessions until you have transformed your space and mastered the principles. You will receive a discount for booking four 4-hour sessions in advance.

The supplies needed for each session will be discussed prior to your session, but will probably include having name-brand 30-gallon black garbage bags and possibly filing supplies or boxes on hand. Other than that, all you need is a bullet-point list of what you are making room for in your life as a result of cleaning clutter. This list will inform and guide your clutter cleaning sessions.

Clutter Cleaning In The Context Of An Estate Sale

Certainly it is common when you start the estate sale process to have a light amount of clutter. This goes hand-in-hand with everyday life. However, there are instances whereby the volume of clutter in a home is so excessive that it thwarts the process and needs special attention. When this is the case, a fee in addition to the estate sale company commission is charged or there is an increase in the estate sale commission.

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