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"We had a two-week window with which to work in and FREE FROM CLUTTER ESTATE SALES performed like champs. They came in, set up and had the sale. It was a well-oiled machine. I am very happy with the results. These are the people you want to get this done. AND they helped us sell the house too, how cool is that!"

Dr. and Mrs. D. S., Pelican Island, Tampa

"To those seeking "clutter" and/or estate sale services, good news, your search has ended! Michelle and Andre are a one-stop shop in terms of meeting your every need and they do so with compassion, caring and efficiency. They went above and beyond my expectations!"

A.R., St. Petersburg, FL

"Michelle and Andre to the rescue. They will be your life raft, especially during one of life's biggest stressors. I wouldn't trust an estate/moving sale to anyone else. They are efficient and honest, and have exceptional expertise to get the move completed with the least amount of stress."

S.G., South Tampa, FL

"When Andre and Michelle showed up, I have seldom been so relieved. They made a horrible situation very tolerable. They were very business-like, professional and organized. As an added bonus, both Andre and Michelle have great senses of humor. They literally helped to save my sanity!"

L.R., Palm Harbor, FL

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