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Michelle Passoff, author of LIGHTEN UP! Free Yourself From Clutter, published by HarperPerennial, and co-owner of FREE FROM CLUTTER ESTATE SALES, is a columnist for, a leading website for estate sale companies and shoppers across the United States.

How to Plan Your Own Estate Sale

Oct 14, 2015
Not everybody is rushing to do their end-of-life planning, but they should be. There was a lady who called me the other day borderline frantic about wanting to know if she could hire our company, so when she passed away we would take care of all of...
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How to Keep Order at Your Estate Sale - Without Firearms

Mar 24, 2015
We had a prospective client who proudly announced that she had a nephew who was a professional security guard licensed to carry and use a gun. She said that he would volunteer his services for her sale. Our response was a resounding ?No?. Is this the...
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How to Rescue Estate Sale Furniture

Dec 29, 2014
1. DIY if it has Good "Bones" Whether you are a do-it-yourself-er or not, don?t overlook picking up a somewhat tattered chair, worn couch, or stained dresser at an estate sale because it just might be a diamond in the rough. Oftentimes the so-called...
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A Case for Clearing Clutter

Oct 21, 2014
Organizing an estate sale ? yours or anyone else?s -- it is a vivid reminder that cleaning clutter as a lifetime practice has fundamental advantages that should not be overlooked if creating quality of life interests you. Put cleaning clutter at the...
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Estate Sale Shopping Tip: Purchases Are Final

Aug 21, 2014
1. Examine All Items Once you walk out the door with your estate sale treasures, they belong to you and there are no returns. For this reason you need to really examine these previously loved couches, linens, tools, house wares and electronics upside...
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