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FANTASTICAL MASKS -- Exhibit AND Auction To Raise Funds For Tampa Bay Artists

Dates & Times

The sale you are looking at occurred in the past.

You may have not seen much of us since the pandemic started, but we have been alive, well and busy with projects to make a difference in the community. So, let's tell you all about MASK-R-AID, which Andre spearheaded in the Tampa Bay area.:

MASK-R-AID is. first. an EXHIBIT  (at Zazoo'd, a boutique on 531 Central Avenue in St. Petersburg) until Friday, August 14) of fantastical masks created by the Tampa Bay arts community to call attention to wearing a mask because it is good for your health during the pandemic. Secondly, the masks will be AUCTIONED at Bay Area Auctions in 8010 US Hwy 9 N in Pinellas Park on Saturday, August 15 to raise money for the St. Pete Alliance Relief Fund, to help artists in need during tough times.  To buy the masks you have to register online at the auction at in advance and you can bid on them online or in person on Saturday, August 15.  HERE IS THE FUNNY PART:  Even though you usually come here looking for a bargain, have a big heart and bid BIG for the masks.  Heh, you gotta look good when you head to the grocery store!!!!

EXHIBIT: Now through August 14 at Zazoo'd in St. Petersburg

AUCTION: Saturday, August 15 at Bay Area Auction in Pinellas Park. Register online in advance.

QUESTIONS: ANDRE KUPFERMUNZ 813-598-7254 (text or call)

 OUR ARTWORK: ANDRE AND MICHELLE are also artists.  When we do not organize sales or do community projects, you can always find us on    Modern metal paintings, photography and sculpture.

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